The People’s Puppet

February 21, 2021
When men and women of God bend their understanding and teaching to the pressures of the crowd disaster always ensues. The service begins at the 12:50 mark and the message…

Enduring Temptation

November 15, 2020
The decisions we make lead to other decisions. Jesus provided an excellent example when He was tempted in the wilderness by choosing the right way to make decisions. Service begins…

Freedom in Christ

November 8, 2020
In times of great confusion it is difficult to know who to trust. My heart, my friends, my favorite candidate? God's  word gives a very definitive answer. Video service begins…

Freedom in Christ

July 26, 2020
While we are in a struggle for our rights and liberties as citizens of our country, we must never confuse that with our liberty in Christ. Are we allowing our…

Mother’s Day Message

May 12, 2019
Ed Radiger honors the mothers on their special day with a biblical understanding of God's very specific plan when He created man and woman, and when He created the family.