February 18, 2024

The Bloom and Beauty of Holiness

Passage: John 13

In this chapter, Jesus showed His disciples that God’s view of the greatest looks very different from the carnal view they had in mind. A holy life produces a lowly attitude; and when humility blooms, the beauty of unconditional love is poured out to others. Humility, holiness and love are knit together. If we are humble and holy, the result is love for others! If we have humility, God’s holiness will shine through us. If we are holy, humility manifests more and Christlike love is produced. But we cannot just know these things. Jesus says, blessed are you if you do them (v. 17)! There is something special in blessing others – there is peace within us when the self has disappeared. In order for us to stand in contrast to this self-focused world, we must deny our self!

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