October 29, 2023

Arise and Go: The Heart of God

Passage: Jonah 4

Sometimes, our prideful heart needs spiritual surgery in order to get our eyes off of us and on to the Lord.  God has compassion for even the most wicked among us – Salvation is of the Lord – and if a person repents and trusts in Jesus, God will save them.  As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to bring the good news to all people by sharing the hope of Jesus Christ through the gospel.  The book of Jonah ends abruptly with God getting the last word – in it, we see a clear picture of God’s heart for the lost.  We don’t know how Jonah responded, but perhaps God’s final word is better fit for us to respond.  We must be people with the right priorities; we must be people who submit to God; and we must be people who desire to have God’s heart for the lost.

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