October 15, 2023

Arise and Go: A Commission From God

Passage: Jonah 1

When God commands us to do something, the proper response is obedience.  When we act in disobedience, there will be consequences. God commissioned Jonah to bring a message to the gentiles in the wicked city of Nineveh. When God said, “Arise and Go”, Jonah, instead, chose to arise and flee.  Jonah’s disobedience endangered – not only his life – but also the lives of the mariners on a ship headed for Tarshish. Despite Jonah’s disobedience, God continued to pursue him in order to bring Jonah to repentance. By God’s grace, He saved the lives of the mariners, and He rescued Jonah from drowning by preparing a fish to swallow him.   God’s grace is amazing and unending.  He has also given all believers a commission to make disciples, which calls for us to faithfully share the message of the gospel with this lost and dying world.

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