April 7, 2019

Stewardship: A Life Devoted to Serving God Session 7: The Grind, The Gold and Giving in the Name of God

8,736 hours in a year. Presumption: 40 hour work week; two weeks vacation; 3 hours per day in prep and travel. 55 hours per week: 2,750 hours per year. 32% of your time to earn a living. Most households require two incomes so an additional 26% if there is 30 hours of part time work. 29% of your combined annual life is preparing for and doing your work. You work long and hard for the little or much that you have. Only to pay upwards of 30% to taxes in various forms. No wonder you are so guarded about the money you have and how you use it. And then you have some preacher telling you to give.

When you consider that work was given in the garden before sin entered in, and your capacities and gifts were also given, then what you do, and the fruit of your labor still belongs to God.

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