November 17, 2019

Our Comforter

Passage: 2 Corinthians 1:1-11
Was Jesus being punished when He was crucified? Or was He showing us a way for God to bring goodness out of pain and sorrow?  As Jesus did, we are also called to.
Discouragement is not a respecter of persons. More success often brings greater disappointment.  As Paul continued in his successes of ministry, he faced some great difficulty which he conveyed in this personal letter. By God’s grace in the midst of great trial, Paul was able to write this incredible letter of encouragement. Paul’s key to overcoming was to focus on God and not himself. 
A key word in this letter is ‘comfort’ or ‘encouragement’; which means ‘to come alongside’ We can and should be encouraged in our circumstances by surrendering them to the Father of mercies.
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