July 23, 2023

Heaven’s Throne Room – Part 2

Passage: Revelation 5: 1 - 14

We can read the book of Revelation, and discuss its meaning until the actual return of Christ – and mankind will do just that. But without the humility to receive the grace offered by faith, then these discussions are worse than worthless – they are harmful. There is no value to the book of Revelation if Jesus is not revealed to you personally as your Lord and Savior. In this passage we will see the Lamb as if He were slain. We will see the only manmade things that are in heaven – the wounds that Jesus carries eternally for our sake. As we recall the spectacle that is heaven in chapter 4, and we remain in the throne room of God, the source of all glory, creation and ultimately judgment, let us do so in awe, in amazement, in humility, in gratefulness.

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