January 6, 2019

Children of Promise

Passage: Galatians 4:19-31

Paul struggles here with his former students. How difficult it is to pour into the life of another only to have them fall into something that will turn out badly for them; a friend, a family member, a child, someone in your church? Even more so when you ‘labor’ to bring them into rebirth in Jesus, only to have them walk away, or take on non-biblical doctrines.This is what Paul was concerned with regarding the Galatians as they moved from the Gospel of Grace to salvation through works.

The first part of the chapter tells us that the Law was necessary to make our need for salvation known. It allows us the opportunity enter into God’s family as adopted children; calling Him “Abba Father”. In this second part, Warren Wiersbe in his commentary calls this “meet your mother”

Because our spiritual heritage, our parents, are not of the flesh, but of faith and we are children of promise. How should this impact our relationship with God?