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Who Is Your Father? John 8:31-59 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:40 2015-11-29 DiscipleshipJesusGod the SonGod's WordChronological Life of JesusSpiritual Freedom/BondageReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 81 - At times we need to lose our religion in order to see our Christ. Jesus points out what bondage looks like in a person that defines their own relationship with God instead of surrendering to Him. What is important to us comes down to who our Father is.
Voluntary Blindness John 9:1-17 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:30:55 2016-12-06 HealingChronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 82. How often do we limit ourselves by what we think we know about God; and then using that as a basis for belief that has no foundation in Scripture? Unfortunately that will always result in bad religion, and worse, bad relationship.
Losing Religion to Find Jesus John 9:13-41 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:35 2015-12-13 Chronological Life of JesusLegalismJudgingMercyMiraclesReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 83 - Religion based on man's expectations always leads to missing out on a relationship with God. Jesus uses the healing of a blind man, not only for the man's salvation but also to make the distinction between the laws of man and the love of God.
The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:44 2015-12-27 LoveLeadershipChronological Life of JesusLegalismReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 84. Religion will frequently reject you when you do not conform to their regulation. But Jesus always accepts those who follow after Him. We need to be very careful about whom we follow.
The Unity of Faith and Obedience Luke 10:25-37 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:06 2016-01-24 FaithLoveObedienceChronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 88 In this well known story of the Good Samaritan it is important not to rush to the moral of 'loving your neighbor' without recognizing that the greater point is how we justify our decisions.
A Harmful Faith Matthew 21:23-22:14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:30 2016-10-09 Chronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus 121 -(with reference to Mark 11:27-12:12, Luke 20:1-19}. Jesus made it clear throughout His Word and His teachings while on this earth that empty religion is not only worthless, but harmful. Have you avoided church because of religion ? Hear what Jesus has to say about it.
Trappings Acts 6:8-7:60 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:57:05 2017-11-19 GloryReligionIdolatryChronological Study-Early ChurchPersecution 013 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - Stephen was full of wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit. While that gives us all we need to live a life in the service of God it also guarantees the opposition of strong enemies, and sometimes that enemy is the trappings of power. How we handle it is a measure of our faith.
Practical, Faithful Religion James 1:9-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:02 2018-03-25 GraceFaithHypocrisyReligionChronological Study-Early Church 026 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - James continues to explore the trials that we face as Christians, while offering practical ways to escape temptations, and to live a life that brings pleasure to God and blessing to our lives and work.

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