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The Law Exodus 20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:27 2003-04-20 HistoryLawObedience The Ten Commandments
The "Rest" of the Story Exodus 20:7-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:12:27 2003-05-18 HistoryLawObedience Covering the commandments: not taking the Lord's name in vain and honoring the Sabbath.
Learning Obedience From Jesus Isaiah 53:7-9 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:29 2013-05-05 Chronological History of IsraelJesus: Servant of GodObedienceSubmissionWomens Day 2013 Jesus: Servant of God Series Volume 8: This stanza of the Servant's Song speaks of Christ's obedience. His obedience was learned as He obeyed His Father. We too, can only learn obedience as we obey. Being a believer assumes a heart of obedience; are you obeying the Lord
Priorities Haggai 1-2 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:07:34 2013-07-14 Serving the LordTrialsChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 135. After stirring the hearts of the people in Babylon to return Jerusalem to build the Temple, discouragement and opposition lead to frustration and finally floating off to other priorities, especially those leading to ones own comfort - while the Temple remained overgrown and unfinished. Is there a 'temple' the Lord has asked you to build, and yet you have lost focus and let your attention lapse?
The Sons of Anointing Zechariah 3-4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:19 2013-07-28 GraceServing the LordTrialsChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 137. We often rely on our own 'right-ness' and our own strength to be pleasing to God. In this series of two visions, the Lord shows what is truly needed in our service to Him.
Why Do I Do This? Zechariah 7-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:53 2013-08-11 Godly CharacterChronological History of IsraelRestorationIsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 139. How often do we alllow rituals and tradition to get in the way of obedience and closeness to the Lord? We are more willing to pay for our sins then avoid them. But the Lord would rather have us just walk with Him.
For Such a Time as (What Is) This Esther 4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:02 2013-09-22 GraceFaithSovereigntyChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 145. "Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?". Why were you brought into the kingdom of God through your relationship with Jesus, to have a saved soul and a wasted life? On the contrary, we have been brought into a kingdom for such a time as this, but what is the 'this' to which God has called us?
The End of the Matter Esther 5-10 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:43 2013-09-29 Serving the LordSovereigntyChronological History of IsraelObedienceSubmissionFree Will The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 146. God’s will is to be accomplished, without you, in spite of you, or through you. It is for this that you were brought to this place and it is now time to step up. Through the miraculous perhaps, but more often through daily obedience. It is in daily being a "good and faithful servant" that the Lord will use us in even greater things.
The Final Word Malachi 4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:19 2013-10-27 Serving the LordProphecyEnd TimesChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 150. The final word the Lord gives to Israel is that their Messiah is coming, Jesus is always the final word and is welcome by all who fear His name.
Long Faith and Obedience Matthew 1:18-25 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:31 2013-12-22 ChristmasFaithHopeObedience The focus and promise of Christmas is that He shall be called Immanuel, "God with us". With all that Mary and Joseph endured for the sake of bringing Messiah into the world they had to believe Jesus is Immanuel, that He is God with us. We can take solace and draw strength from their example.
A Life Secured Nehemiah 7-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:54 2014-01-12 GraceSinGodly CharacterChronological History of IsraelGod's WordObedienceLeadershipJoy The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 159. The walls are built, what now? Once you have done everything you can to surrender your life to Christ, would you just leave the walls and the gates of your life unguarded? Open to whatever sin or influence that comes by? God has something very different in mind. The security of obedience brings growth and joy.
Revealer of Hearts - Part 2 Matthew 2:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:08 2014-04-06 SinObedienceWorshipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 007. In this passage of Scripture normally relegated to Christmas time, we see that vven as a child Jesus revealed the hearts of men. Without a word, He revealed the hearts of a murderous king, indifferent religious leaders, and men who exercised wisdom by seeking Him.
Whatever He Tells You To Do. Do It John 2:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:31:27 2014-05-25 Serving the LordFaithObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 014. Jesus will often give us direct instructions without clear outcome. In the miracle of the water to wine, Jesus glorified Himself and let servants be a part of this wonderful event. It is still true today,
Finding Good Fruit on a Road Less Traveled Matthew 7:13-29 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:14 2015-01-11 Godly CharacterTrialsObedienceChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 42 (With reference to Luke 6:43-49.) Jesus ends His most famous sermon with warnings about the difficulty of the path He has taught us. There is no other path to eternity, but what a destination!
Testimony - The Blessing of Obedience Colossians Various Various 00:18:55 2015-02-14 ObedienceTrue Love Dinner - 2015 During our 2015 Annual True Love Dinner, Pastor Brian Nevins, Brenda Johnson, Nicki Reddy-Frechette, and Hannah Reddy shared what God has been doing in their hearts and lives since responding to God's call to go to the mission field.
The Cost Matthew 10:32-11:1 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:51 2015-06-14 DiscipleshipServing the LordObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 60. To believe in Jesus is the greatest thing we can ever do in our lives. But it is not a casual thing, and requires more than just a warm feeling.
Our Gracious Sentinel John 6:15-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:37 2015-07-05 FaithHopeObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 062 (with reference to Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52)' It is often that we find ourselves in the middle of turmoil through daily living, or perhaps from stepping out in faith. Does that mean you are not doing what you should be doing, or quite the opposite? In this famous passage of Jesus walking on water the emphasis is not on the miracle but the message.
The Urgency of the Call Luke 10:1-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:23 2016-01-10 EvangelismServing the LordObedienceJoyChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 86 (with reference to Matthew 11:20-24). As Jesus drew near to His departure, He had a sense of urgency to 'gather the harvest' of helpless and hopeless people who yearned for a relationship with God - even though they didn't realize it. That same sense of urgency should grip any who love God and man as Jesus' promised return draws near.
The Unity of Faith and Obedience Luke 10:25-37 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:06 2016-01-24 FaithLoveObedienceChronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 88 In this well known story of the Good Samaritan it is important not to rush to the moral of 'loving your neighbor' without recognizing that the greater point is how we justify our decisions.
Determining the Cost Luke 14:25-35 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:17 2016-04-10 DiscipleshipObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus -99. Jesus emphasized frequently the difference between a follower and a disciple; between being around and being committed to a Christlike life. In this passage Jesus makes it clear that there is a cost to being His disciple, and we must determine if it is worth it.
The Danger of Softening God’s Word Luke 16:14-31 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:48 2016-05-01 ObedienceRepentanceChronological Life of JesusDeathMiraclesHell Chronological Life of Jesus 101 - What we place so much value in here on earth, God views as displacing Him as the primary object of our love and focus. It is an offense to Him. Jesus gives the account of the rich man and Lazarus to expose the greed of the religious leaders and the danger of picking and choosing what we want out of the Word of God.
Staying Prepared Matthew 25:14-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:35:03 2017-01-01 Godly CharacterEnd TimesSovereigntyObedienceChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 130 - We are all given a measure of talent by God, with an expectation that we will use them for His glory. And there will be a day when He returns for an accounting of what we have done with them. Since this parable is within the context of the Olivet Discourse - a teaching on end times - we have to look at it as a challenge to be ready at all times, but caught up as a 'good and faithful servant'.
Abiding - Part 1 John 14:18-31 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:08 2017-02-26 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritThe TrinityLovePeaceObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 138 - As Jesus prepares His disciples for His imminent departure, He provides assurance that they will not be abandoned. He then goes on the give them two amazing gifts - the Holy Spirit, and the peace of Christ.
Abiding - Part 2 John 15:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:45 2017-03-05 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritFaithObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 139 - Jesus continues to love His disciples to the end as He assures them of a greater relationship with Him than what they currently enjoyed. He speaks of the importance of abiding -living in constant communion with Him that is important for disciples of all times and ages.
The Self-Willed Life John 21:1-14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:34:33 2017-07-09 ObedienceSubmissionLeadershipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 154 It is so easy to resort to what we know in the midst of discomfort or anxiety. It is also easy to wander aimlessly when we do not like the direction God has given us. We see here in this live-action parable as Jesus speaks to His disciples about living a life apart from Him.
God Does Not Look On the Outside Acts 10 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:16 2018-01-28 GospelSovereigntyObedienceChronological Study-Early Church 018 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. God uses a hungry apostle to illustrate that the Gospel is for everyone equally, and that God does not value one type of person over another.
Between God and Tradition Acts 11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:29 2018-02-04 GraceObedienceLegalismChronological Study-Early Church 019 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. Peter finds himself on the outs with his Christian companions because he dared to go against their traditions and welcome others who didn't look like them. Fortunately, could soundly say that if they had any issues, they should take it up with the Holy Spirit.

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