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The Heart of God Exodus 7-10; Ez 20:1-9; Isaiah 61 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:57:06 2003-01-12 God the Father The mind and heart of man are two distinct powers that make up the human soul, and they are often in conflict with one another. But God's heart and mind are always in sync. The 'how' of God is always about the 'why' of God.
Hidden For Our Own Good Jeremiah 24; plus 2 Kings 24:10-17, 2 Chronicles 36:5-10, Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:55 2011-12-11 HistoryGraceGod the Father The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 79 Jeremiah 24:1-10, 2 Kings 24:10-17, 2 Chronicles 36:5-10, Jehoiachin surrenders to Nebuchadnezzar. Illustration of good and bad figs. God may allow us to be hurt, but He will never allow us to be harmed. His eye is set on us for good. His thoughts toward us are always good.
A Protective Father Ezekiel 25-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:02:32 2012-09-30 God the FatherProphecyChronological History of Israel The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 111. After the Lord judges His people, He turns in judgment to the surrounding nations because they rejoiced in the destruction of Jerusalem. We as His children can rely on the same protection. Though we may be mocked we can rely on God's protection.
Like Father, Like Child Ezekiel 28, 32 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:50 2012-10-14 SinGod the FatherPrideChronological History of IsraelSatan The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 112. This, along with Isaiah 14 gives us our most compelte description of Satan. When we go against the will of God we are less like children of God, and more like childreen of Satan.
He Identifies With Us Matthew 3:13-17 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:32 2014-05-04 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritThe TrinityChronological Life of JesusBaptism Chronological Life of Jesus - 011 - In all things, Jesus identified with sinful man. Even submitting Himself to baptism as a foreshadowing of the greater baptism of His suffeirng, death and resurrection. All for your sake and mine.
God Willl Not Strive With Man Forever John 12:34-50 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:02 2017-01-22 SalvationEvangelismGod the FatherJesusGod the Son Chronological Life of Jesus - 133 (and Matthew 26:1-16). The offer of salvation is open to all, but it will not be open always. There is a day when God will confirm our choice, either for or against Him. In this passage Jesus pleads with us to walk in His light.
Abiding - Part 1 John 14:18-31 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:08 2017-02-26 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritThe TrinityLovePeaceObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 138 - As Jesus prepares His disciples for His imminent departure, He provides assurance that they will not be abandoned. He then goes on the give them two amazing gifts - the Holy Spirit, and the peace of Christ.
Abiding - Part 2 John 15:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:45 2017-03-05 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritFaithObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 139 - Jesus continues to love His disciples to the end as He assures them of a greater relationship with Him than what they currently enjoyed. He speaks of the importance of abiding -living in constant communion with Him that is important for disciples of all times and ages.
The Holy Spirit in the World and the Church John 15:18-16:15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:59:12 2017-03-19 SinGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritChronological Life of JesusUpper Room Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus - 141. The world hates Christians because it hates Jesus more. Harsh message to hear, but it is what Jesus taught. Of course it would be proved out on a cross. But while the world is known for its hatred, Jesus instructed His disciples that they are to be known for their love. And He gave the church and the world the Holy Spirit to convict the world and guide the church.
God Talking to God About Us John 17:1-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:20 2017-04-02 PrayerGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritChronological History of IsraelUnityGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 143 Within hours of His trial and death, Jesus prayed for others. Step into our Lord's prayer, often called the 'Holy of Holies' as He prays for God's glory and for strength for His disciples.
How To Be An Alien-101 John 17:11-26 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:03:14 2017-04-09 DiscipleshipGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritLoveHolinessUnityJoyChronological Life of JesusGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 144. In His last hours Jesus prayed for His apostles and us, who would hear the word of His Father through their ministry. In this prayer Jesus emphasizes that we are to live in a way that clearly demonstrates that while we are in this world, we are of a very different place. By definition. we are to be aliens in thie world.
Resolved Matthew 28:30-56 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:16 2017-04-23 God the FatherLoveSubmissionChronological Life of JesusGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 145 (Mark 14:26-52, Luke 22:39-53, John 18:1-11). Befroe time and creation, Jesus had planned with His Father to sacrifice Himself to reconcile sinful man to His Father. But with hours to go, a time of prayer was needed to give Him the resolve to carry it through. In doing so, He gained victory on the cross before it occurred, and established clearly that there is no other salvation except belief in Him and the necessity of the cross and the tomb.
The Promise of The Father Acts 1 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:14 2017-08-20 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritChronological Study-Early Church 002 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - Jesus left this earth with a promise of power, and pronouncing a blessing on the church. He also described what would undeniably happen when a person receives the salvation and power of God.
I Am the LORD; I Do Not Change Malachi 3:5-4:6 Ed Radiger 00:44:17 2018-04-22 God the FatherProphecyAuthorityDivine Judgment The Lord does not change, and considering our sinful nature that is good news for us. If He ever decided to become vengeful for all of our rebellion against Him, we would be completely consumed. But because He is unchanging we can follow His will with confidence.

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