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Easter 2008 Matthew 27:57-28:10 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:06:32 2006-04-16 GraceSalvationEaster
Matthew Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:33 2005-03-27
At the Cross Matthew 26 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:09:41 2012-04-06 GospelJesusGod the Son A description of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus
Setting Our Face Matthew 1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:29 2013-03-24 EasterServing the LordProphecyFaithJesus: Servant of God Jesus: Servant of God Series Volume 2: On the day of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem He had already determined that nothing was going to prevent Him from fulfilling the mission He had come for. As we desire to become Christlike, one of the qualities to emulate, is keeping that which is important a priority, and disregarding the unimportant, the trivial, and those things that become distractions.
In the Garden Matthew 36-49 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:41 2013-03-29 EasterFearJesus: Servant of God Jesus: Servant of God Series Volume 3 in the Garden Jesus demonstrated not only His humanity but His integrity. During this time of great anxiety Jesus gives us encouragement - He knows what it feels like. At that point, the salvation of all mankind was in the balance, and Jesus determined that it was worth it.
Long Faith and Obedience Matthew 1:18-25 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:31 2013-12-22 ChristmasFaithHopeObedience The focus and promise of Christmas is that He shall be called Immanuel, "God with us". With all that Mary and Joseph endured for the sake of bringing Messiah into the world they had to believe Jesus is Immanuel, that He is God with us. We can take solace and draw strength from their example.
Christians in Public Life Matthew 5:13-16 Sen Jack Westwood 00:51:36 2014-02-16 Serving the LordGuest Speakers Kentucky State Sen Jack Westwood (Ret) challenges us to recognize and accept our responsibility as Christian citizens to take up our duty in the public square. It is a timely understanding as we face increasing hostility in the government and judicial systems for our faith and stand for righteousness.
God With Us Matthew 1:18-26; Luke 2:1-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:55:32 2014-03-23 SalvationSinGodly CharacterChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 005. Jesus came as a baby for our salvation. God with us as one us, so He might save all of us.
Revealer of Hearts - Part 2 Matthew 2:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:08 2014-04-06 SinObedienceWorshipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 007. In this passage of Scripture normally relegated to Christmas time, we see that vven as a child Jesus revealed the hearts of men. Without a word, He revealed the hearts of a murderous king, indifferent religious leaders, and men who exercised wisdom by seeking Him.
Why the Resurrectin is Central to the Christian Matthew 28 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:31 2014-04-20 Easter If someone asked why the Resurrection is so important to the Christian life and faith, what would you say?
Preparing the Way Matthew 3:1-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:59:06 2014-04-27 GraceSinRepentanceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 010 - John the Baptist came with a clear mission of preparing the way for the coming Messiah, and singular message of the need to repent. Other references: Mark 1:1-8, Luke 3:1-18, John 1:19-28
He Identifies With Us Matthew 3:13-17 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:32 2014-05-04 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritThe TrinityChronological Life of JesusBaptism Chronological Life of Jesus - 011 - In all things, Jesus identified with sinful man. Even submitting Himself to baptism as a foreshadowing of the greater baptism of His suffeirng, death and resurrection. All for your sake and mine.
It Is Written Matthew 4:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:46 2014-05-11 JesusGod the SonTrialsSatanBiblical AuthorityCompromiseChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 012 (Also referencing Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13) Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days and nights, so that we might know as humans that temptation does not have to lead to sin. He remained faithful in spite of near death circumstances and constant battle with Satan using the only weapon that matters - the Word of God.
Follow Me Matthew 4:12-22 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:33:21 2014-07-20 GospelDiscipleshipEvangelismFaithRepentanceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 21. Jesus calls all men to follow Him. There is a difference between following Jesus and being His companion. Which describes your relationship with Jesus?
Praying in Disciples Matthew 12:15-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:42:02 2014-09-28 GracePrayerServing the LordLeadershipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 28. (includes passages Mark 3:7-19 Luke 6:12-16). Jesus put great emphasis on His own need for prayer. As He considered the frailty of His own disciples, and what He would ask them to do as His apostles - His appointed messengers - He spent the night in prayer to His Father. How much more do we need to be in prayer for our lives?
Characteristics of the Kingdom Matthew 5:1-9 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:17 2014-10-05 SinServing the LordGodly CharacterChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 29. (includes passage Luke 6:17-26). The Beatitudes are the characteristics of only one kind of person - one who loves and follows Jesus. You take on the nature of those whom with you hang.
Reaction to the Kingdom Characteristics Matthew 5:10-16 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:36:36 2014-10-12 SinEvangelismHolinessChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 30. (includes passage Luke 6:17-26). The world hated Jesus so it should be no surprise when the world hates those who emulate Him. When we are poor in spirit, mourning over sin, desiring purity of heart, we take on the character of Jesus and the world will hate us as well.
The Heart in the Law Matthew 5:17-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:48 2014-10-19 DiscipleshipLawBiblical AuthorityChronological Life of JesusLegalismSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 31. (includes passage Luke 6:17-26). We must decide if the riches of this life are enough to put aside the riches of an eternity. Jesus explains His relationship to the Law, and His fulfillment for our sake. Is this life really worth denying the greatest gift ever offered?
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Matthew 5:21-26 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:42:25 2014-10-26 SinLawChronological Life of JesusAngerLegalismSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 32. It is by the grace of God that we draw close to Him and begin to look like Him. That includes the proper place for anger.
The Root and the Fruit Matthew 5:27-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:54 2014-11-02 SexualityMarriageChronological Life of JesusAdulteryPornographySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 33 - Jesus warns us that lust doesn't have to be acted upon to be sin. And either can bring great damage to our marriages. If our heart is corrupt, it is only a matter of opportunity before we act on the temptations that entice us. But we have control over our hearts and an opportunity to strengthen our marriage.
Not an Option Matthew 5:31-48 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:37 2014-11-09 LawMarriageDivorceChronological Life of JesusPornographySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 34 Jesus continues to stress the characteristics of citizens of the kingdom of heaven. Here He addresses the difficult issues of divorce, receiving insults and loving your enemy. Difficult to be sure, but when our heart is to love the Lord with all we are we find ourselves more and more like Jesus.
Acts of Worship - Part 1 Matthew 6:1-4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:00 2014-11-16 Serving the LordGodly CharacterChronological Life of JesusCharityHypocrisySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 35. Our worship of the Lord is expressive should naturally result in extending charity to those around us. But do we 'do good' to impress others and present a false idea of how we really are? Or is our only concern what God sees and thinks of us?
Acts of Worship - Part 2 Matthew 6:5-15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:49 2014-11-23 PrayerForgivenessChronological Life of JesusHypocrisySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 36 Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God, and integral to being of any value to the kingdom of God. Even Jesus needed to pray. It shouldn't be an act, nor should it be a burden. This is what Jesus says about prayer.
Acts of Worship - Part 3 Matthew 6:16-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:06 2014-11-30 FastingChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 37 Fasting is a vital part of our relationship with God, and integral to being of value to the kingdom of God. Though Jesus fully expected fasting to be a part of the Christian life and the church it is often misunderstood or neglected. This explores the reasons, examples and guidelines of this valuable spiritual gift.
Treasures Matthew 6:19-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:36:44 2014-12-07 Godly CharacterMoney and FinanceGiving / TithingChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 38 - Jesus addresses one of the most pervasive aspects of our lives - money. Our priorities dictate what we treasure. When we keep our eyes on heaven we avoid being trapped by the things of earth.
Unite My Mind and Heart Matthew 6:22-34 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:28 2014-12-14 Serving the LordMoney and FinanceChronological Life of JesusWorry / AnxietySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 39 (also references Luke 12:22-34) - Jesus tells us not to worry, not to have an anxious mind, when it comes to our earthly possessions. It is the strain of a divided heart. There is only one solution to that - commit it all to heaven.
Beyond Judgment to Mercy Matthew 7:1-6 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:45 2014-12-28 Chronological Life of JesusLegalismHypocrisyJudgingMercySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 40 (also references Luke 6:37-42). It is tough to strike the right balance between Jesus' commands to be salt and light, and not to judge. It comes down to seeing as Jesus sees which doesn't require the right balance but the right heart.
A Not So Well Kept Secret to Living Right Matthew 7:7-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:32:47 2015-01-04 PrayerChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 41 Jesus emphasizes the importance and promises of prayer. It is needed if we are to rise to the command to treat others as we desire to be treated.
Finding Good Fruit on a Road Less Traveled Matthew 7:13-29 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:14 2015-01-11 Godly CharacterTrialsObedienceChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 42 (With reference to Luke 6:43-49.) Jesus ends His most famous sermon with warnings about the difficulty of the path He has taught us. There is no other path to eternity, but what a destination!
A Moment of Honest Doubt Matthew 11:2-19 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:00 2015-02-08 FaithHopeChronological Life of JesusAnger Chronological Life of Jesus - 46 (Also Luke 7:18-35) Is it 'okay' to be angry with God, or to be disappointed in God? Do our circumstances justify accusations against God? John the Baptist sits rotting in prison and has an honest moment of doubt about who Jesus is and Jesus provides the most excellent answer.
What You Do Is What You Believe Matthew 12:22-37 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:05 2015-03-01 SinGodly CharacterSatanHolinessFearChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 48 (with reference to Mark 3:20-35, Luke 11:14-23). Jesus makes it very clear that we cannot approach Him with a lax attitude- if we are not for Him, we are against Him. Ultimately what we truly believe becomes clear in our actions and our words that come from the heart, regardless of what we profess. Does your life reflect a complete trust in Jesus?
Looking for an Excuse Matthew 12:38-50 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:02 2015-03-08 Chronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 49 (with reference to Mark 3:31-35, Luke 11:24-32, Luke 8:19-21). It doesn't matter what sign God could possibly give us to believe in Him, trust in Him, none will be greater than His Son.
Kingdom Parables - Part 1 Matthew 13:1-3 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:26 2015-03-15 God's WordChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 50 - In this well known parable of the sower we learn that not everyone will hear the Word of God, but everyone will get the chance. Our hearts have ears - some are sensitive to the things of God and some aren't. And sometimes in our lives, even as Christians we become a little hard of hearing when it comes to God's Word.
Kingdom Parables Part 2 - Corruption Matthew 13:24-43 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:46 2015-03-22 SinChronological Life of JesusJudging Chronological Life of Jesus - 51 (reference to Mark 4:30-34). Everything that God creates Satan seeks to corrupt. It is most tragic when he is successful in corrupting the church. These well-known parables of thw wheat and tares, the mustard tree and the leaven show the reality of corruption in the world and the church and how Jesus wants us to deal with it.
Hating God Matthew 27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:29:58 2015-04-03 ProphecyEnd TimesFearRepentance Good Friday Service. We are to live as Jesus died - with conviction. The same hatred for God that lead Jesus to the cross is very much with us today. How do we take our cues from our Lord and Savior?
Fear Not Matthew 28 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:29:56 2015-04-05 EasterProphecyFaithFearWorry / Anxiety Resurrection Day Message. - We live in the same sinful and godless environment that Jesus died in - and in which the Gospel was spread. Can we live as though we believe that Jesus did indeed raise from the dead?
Kingdom Parables - Part 3 Matthew 13:44-52 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:32 2015-04-12 GraceChronological Life of JesusJudgingMercy Chronological Life of Jesus - 52 (reference to Mark 4:31-32). Jesus describes the extent of the love of God in these final kingdom parables. He then issues us a command to let the world know of this great love.
Who Is This? Matthew 8:20-34 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:18 2015-04-19 FaithSatanFearChronological Life of JesusWorry / Anxiety Chronological Life of Jesus - 53 (with reference to Mark 4:35-5:20, Luke 8:22-39). The demons knew Jesus, but His own disciples were still not sure - leaving them vunerable and fearful in the midst of a storm. When we forget who Jesus is, and what He promised we find ourselves in the same situation.
Like Sheep Without a Shepherd Matthew 9:35-38 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:31:18 2015-05-24 DiscipleshipEvangelismChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 57. Jesus spent many hours of many days relieving the pain and suffering of those around Him through healing, provision and raising of the dead. But by their nature those miracles last only in the telling. What has lasted is His compassion for the lost sheep, and His desire to send out those to do find and care for them. We are called to pray for people to labor in the field for the sake of the kingdom, but are we like Jesus enough to ask to be put on the list?
From Student to Sent Matthew 10:1-15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:53 2015-05-31 DiscipleshipEvangelismGod the Holy SpiritAuthorityChronological Life of JesusMiracles Chronological Life of Jesus - 58 (with reference to Mark 6:7-13, Luke 9:1-6) Before Jesus sent out the apostles (messengers and ambassadors) to preach and perform miracles (the work of the church) they were disciples (students). This is the same for the church today. Jesus teaches us and empowers us to reach the world with the Gospel. is that a reality in who you are as a Christian?
Fearless Sheep Matthew 10:16-33 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:42 2015-06-07 DiscipleshipEvangelismFearChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 59. Do you get nervous or fearful about sharing your faith? Not just what we call 'witnessing'. but stating emphatically why and what you believe? Jesus warns us that there is a basis for the fear - but not a good reason.
The Cost Matthew 10:32-11:1 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:51 2015-06-14 DiscipleshipServing the LordObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 60. To believe in Jesus is the greatest thing we can ever do in our lives. But it is not a casual thing, and requires more than just a warm feeling.
Humble Faith Matthew 15:21-31 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:35:57 2015-08-16 PrayerFaithWorshipChronological Life of JesusHumility Chronological Life of Jesus - 066 (With reference to Mark 7:24-30). Do your prayers sometimes feel ignored, or unanswered? In this difficult passage it appears that Jesus is in a bad mood and needs to be convinced of the need to help a woman with a daughter who is possessed by a demon.
Who Do You Say I Am? Matthew 16:20-33 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:16 2015-09-06 DiscipleshipJesusGod the SonFaithChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 070 (With reference to Mark 8:27-30 and Luke 9:18-21) The most critical question we can ask and answer is posed here by Jesus. The result should determine how we live on earth, and will determine where we spend eternity.
Help My Unbelief Matthew 17:14-23 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:38 2015-10-18 PrayerFaithFastingChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 75 (with reference to Mark 9:14-32, Luke 9:37-45). Sometimes we need to confess our unbelief. In that humility is strength, and reminds us of our dependency on God.
Humility Matthew 17:24-18:9 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:26 2015-10-25 Chronological Life of JesusHumility Chronological Life of Jesus - 76 (with reference to Mark 9:33-50, Luke 9:46-50). The nature of Jesus is the nature of a child. We are called to that childlike humility as the nature of Jesus.
Come to Me Matthew 11:25-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:32 2016-01-17 EvangelismResting in the LordChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 87 (With reference to Luke 10:17-24) The greatest thing we can ever do before we do anything for the Lord is to understand what it means to rest in the Lord
Dealing with Offense Matthew 18:15-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:28 2016-05-08 Godly CharacterFaithLoveForgivenessRepentanceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus 102 (with reference to Luke 17:1-6). Do you struggle with forgiving others, or being forgiven? Because we are human we will offend and we will be offended. Jesus makes it very clear how we are to handle both.
Great Love Requires Tough Decisions Matthew 18:15-35 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:32 2016-05-15 ForgivenessRestorationChronological Life of JesusMercy Chronological Life of Jesus 103 (with reference to Luke 17:7-10) - Forgiveness is required in disciples of Jesus. When we have been forgiven so much, how can an offense toward us by someone else even compare? But yet, sometimes an offense needs to be addressed in an attitude of humility, love and seeking what is best for the offender. Hard to do, but necessary.
The Origins of Marriage Matthew 19:1-15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:27 2016-06-19 MarriageDivorceChronological Life of JesusHumility Chronological Life of Jesus 108 - (with reference to Mark 10:1-16). We often look for the wait out of a difficult situation, when in fact God's character is to work through it. This is definitely the case regarding marriage. When questioned about divorce, Jesus instead spoke of God's part in the origin and authority of marriage.
No Other Gods Matthew 19:16-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:42:47 2016-06-26 Godly CharacterLawSubmissionChronological Life of JesusIdolatry Chronological Life of Jesus 109 - (with reference to Mark 10:17-31, Luke 18:18-30). it is so easy to set up idols in our lives. No matter how much we claim to be devoted to God, or to moral living, it becomes all too real when the Lord points out that we have put something in between Him and us.
The Unfairness of God Matthew 19:27-20:16 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:33:40 2016-07-03 GraceSovereignty Chronological Life of Jesus 110 - Perhaps a thought, or even an accusation has come to your mind that God is not fair. That would be true - and He has never claimed to be. But He is good. This study explores the glorious, unfair grace that He gives us.
Greatness in Serving Matthew 20:17-28 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:49 2016-08-14 Serving the LordGodly Character Chronological Life of Jesus 114 - (with reference to Mark 10:32-45 and Luke 18:31-34) Our greatest obstacle to serving God, and doing it with the proper heart, is getting in our own way. Jesus takes the opportunity, with the display of His apostle's blind ambition, to explain what it truly means to serve God.
Moving from Darkness to Light Matthew 20 29-34 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:31:15 2016-08-28 PrayerFaithHealingChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus 115 (with reference to Mark 10 46-52; Luke 18 35-19 27) - Jesus is never too busy to hear an honest cry for help, and certainly not when it is our greatest of need - leaving the darkness of sin for the light of salvation.
Welcoming the King Matthew 21:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:18 2016-09-25 ProphecyChronological Life of JesusPraise Chronological Life of Jesus 119 (with reference to Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44 John 12:12-19). When the crowd in Jerusalem received Jesus it was with excitement, and for all the things He had done. Are you excited about God? Does your praise convey the things that God has done for you? Or will the rocks and stones take your place?
A Harmful Faith Matthew 21:23-22:14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:30 2016-10-09 Chronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus 121 -(with reference to Mark 11:27-12:12, Luke 20:1-19}. Jesus made it clear throughout His Word and His teachings while on this earth that empty religion is not only worthless, but harmful. Have you avoided church because of religion ? Hear what Jesus has to say about it.
Knowing God and His Word Matthew 22:15-33 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:52 2016-10-23 SubmissionBiblical AuthorityChronological Life of JesusSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus 122 -(with reference to Mark 12:13-27; Luke 20:20-40). Very often both our faith and practice are from what is handed down by teachers and culture that we accept without question. That frequently robs us of a rich relationship with God, even if we claim to know Jesus.
The Greatest Commandment - The Greatest Question Matthew 22:34-46 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:01 2016-10-30 SalvationServing the LordJesusGod the SonLoveChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus 123 -(with reference to Mark 12:28-37; Luke 20:41-44). The greatest commandment is well recited but not well lived. What does it mean to love God with your entirety, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself? But there is a question that needs to be answered first - who is the Son of God?
Losing Our Religion For the Sake of the Truth - Part 1 Matthew 23:1-13 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:34:58 2016-11-06 Serving the LordLeadershipChronological Life of JesusLegalismHypocrisy Chronological Life of Jesus 124 - We can easily get caught up in a religion created by men because it is easier to be doing than to be trusting. Jesus exhorts His disciples to true faith instead of false religion; to desire to be servants instead of masters - for such is the kingdom of God.
Losing Our Religion For the Sake of the Truth - Part 2 Matthew 23:11-39 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:43 2016-11-13 Serving the LordGiving / TithingChronological Life of JesusHypocrisyHumilitySpiritual Freedom/Bondage Chronological Life of Jesus 125 (with reference to Mark 12:41-44). Jesus gives us a clear choice of following reiligious restrictions, which lead to bondage, or following Him, which leads to life.
An Old Testament Introduction to Matthew 24/25 Matthew 24 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:55:15 2016-11-20 ProphecyEnd TimesIsraelChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 126 - The Church looks forward to the imminent return of Jesus, but many fear that it will occur after the events of these chapters. But these chapters do not apply to the Church. This study of Old Testament prophecy assists in the proper understanding of Matthew 24 and 25
Birth Pangs Matthew 24:1-14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:35 2016-11-27 EvangelismProphecyEnd TimesIsraelFearChronological Life of JesusTribulationOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 127 - Jesus graciously describes the things going on around us as well in His hand. We might see things spinning out of control but they are racing to an endpoint, The stage is set, the actors in place, and the curtain is about to be drawn on the last chapter of human history and the revelation of God's glory.
Preparing for the Imminent Matthew 24:9-35 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:16 2016-12-04 GospelSinEvangelismFalse ProphetsProphecyEnd TimesSatanChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 128 - The return of Jesus is inevitable and there is nothing we can do to hinder or hurry His coming. But we can and must determine how we are going to live in this time with this knowledge.
Closed Doors Matthew 24:27-25:13 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:17 2016-12-11 Serving the LordGod the Holy SpiritProphecyEnd TimesHopeChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 129 - In these parables Jesus strongly stresses the need to be ready for His return. In two of them He 'closes the door'; imagery that clearly excludes those who refuse to see the signs of His return from heaven. Are you ready for Jesus to return or His bride?
Staying Prepared Matthew 25:14-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:35:03 2017-01-01 Godly CharacterEnd TimesSovereigntyObedienceChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 130 - We are all given a measure of talent by God, with an expectation that we will use them for His glory. And there will be a day when He returns for an accounting of what we have done with them. Since this parable is within the context of the Olivet Discourse - a teaching on end times - we have to look at it as a challenge to be ready at all times, but caught up as a 'good and faithful servant'.
Some Will and Some Won't Matthew 25:31-46 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:16 2017-01-08 GraceServing the LordProphecyEnd TimesChronological Life of JesusGloryOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 131 - Jesus tells us that there will be a day of judgment for the entire world. Based not on their morality, but on their treatment of His 'brethren', they will be allowed to continue on toward salvation, or be forever lost in torment. The sin of indifference is something none of us can afford.
The Lord's Supper Matthew 26:17-29 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:05 2017-01-27 GospelChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 134 (with Mark 14:12-25; Luke 22:24-30). Jesus desired to celebrate this particular feast of Passover more than any other prior; it was the beginning of the fulfillment of His earthly ministry. And with it He provides us a tremendous gift to remind us of what He did for us. Explore this explanation of what we know as 'the Lord's Supper'.
Resolved Matthew 28:30-56 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:16 2017-04-23 God the FatherLoveSubmissionChronological Life of JesusGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 145 (Mark 14:26-52, Luke 22:39-53, John 18:1-11). Befroe time and creation, Jesus had planned with His Father to sacrifice Himself to reconcile sinful man to His Father. But with hours to go, a time of prayer was needed to give Him the resolve to carry it through. In doing so, He gained victory on the cross before it occurred, and established clearly that there is no other salvation except belief in Him and the necessity of the cross and the tomb.
The Historicity of Jesus Matthew 1 Tim Chaffey 01:10:50 2018-09-02 HistoryJesusGod the SonGuest Speakers Tim Chaffey of Answers in Genesis discusses the historical evidence for Jesus' existence and ministry

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