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Distinctives I John 1 Pastor Randy Warwick 00:42:13 1999-12-31 Distinctives
Distinctives III John Pastor Randy Warwick 00:42:07 1999-12-31 Distinctives
Easter 2008 John 20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:30:48 2008-03-23 GospelGraceSalvationEaster
Proclaim the Good News John 20:1-10 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:46 2013-03-31 EasterEvangelismJesus: Servant of God Jesus: Servant of God Series Volume 4: Resurrection Day. and Jesus commands us all to proclaim the Good News of Salvation. The Resurrection of Jesus proved the need for the cross, and the served as the receipt for the debt that it paid.
The Word Is John 1:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:52 2014-02-09 GospelJesusGod the SonAuthorityLoveGod's WordChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 001. The God of all creation put on human form. God Himself moved into our neighborhood for our sake, and the love He has for us. This had never happened in history, nor would it be repeated. Jesus took on human form, to become the last Adam, never to put it off again. In heaven right now there is a Lamb with the marks of slaughter, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.
What Do You Seek? John 1:19-51 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:11 2014-05-18 DiscipleshipJesusGod the SonChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 013. John the Baptist was content in doing what he was sent to do - to point to Jesus, the very Lamb of God. As men began to follow Him Jesus asked a very important question - 'what do you seek?'
Whatever He Tells You To Do. Do It John 2:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:31:27 2014-05-25 Serving the LordFaithObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 014. Jesus will often give us direct instructions without clear outcome. In the miracle of the water to wine, Jesus glorified Himself and let servants be a part of this wonderful event. It is still true today,
Cleaning House John 2:12-25 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:53 2014-06-01 SinLoveChronological Life of JesusAnger Chronological Life of Jesus - 015. Jesus' zeal for salvation of man was never more in evidence then when He drove the those out of the Temple who were willing to extort those who came to worship. He never wants anything to come between His Father and anyone who seeks Him. But did Jesus sin when He became angry? Does that justify our own anger?
You Must Be Born Again John 3:1-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:32:38 2014-06-15 GospelMan's Sinful ConditionChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 016. Jesus makes it clear that to be part of the kingdom of God, you have to be reborn into it. There is no other way.
How Can This Be? John 3:9-15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:57 2014-06-22 GospelGraceSinMan's Sinful ConditionChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 017. Why is it necessary to be born again to be a follower of Christ? How else can one be a member of the family but to be born into it? We all take on the traits of our father - what better Father to emulate than God?
The What, the How and the Why John 3:16-36 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:21 2014-06-29 GospelGraceSinRestorationChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 18. Jesus explains why God sent His only Son. Clearly a quality of love that can only come from heaven.
Living Water John 4:1-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:09 2014-07-06 GraceSalvationLoveRepentanceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 19. Jesus went from Nicodemus, the best that man can offer, and the top of the social ladder, to an unnamed woman at the bottom. But neither His love nor His message varied. The need for Christ is equal among all, And Jesus brings that message of salvation with grace.
Revival John 4:28-43 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:10 2014-07-13 SalvationForgivenessRevivalChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 20. Jesus took the time to reach one woman on the bottom of the social and religious scale. Jesus loved her in spite of knowing every thing about her. That resulted not only in her salvation but in bringing salvation to an entire city.
Do You Want to Be Healed John 5:1-23 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:06 2015-05-03 FaithSovereigntyHealingChronological Life of JesusLegalism Chronological Life of Jesus - 55. Jesus asks a man who had been unable to move for almost 4 decades if he wanted to be healed. A question with greater meaning to us than we may think. But more importantly, Jesus shows the nature of God, and His own relationship to Him
They Speak of Me John 5:24-47 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:09 2015-05-10 AuthorityBiblical AuthorityChronological Life of JesusResurrection Chronological Life of Jesus - 56 - Jesus has all authority to judge the world between good and evil and will one day do so with all finality. Yet this judge came as Savior - and all of Scripture testifies to that. Do you read Scripture to oppose, defend, condemn, or do you read it to see what God reveals about Himself?
Much From Little John 6:1-14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:34:30 2015-06-28 FaithChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 061- (with reference to Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17). There are two errors we continue to commit in our service to the Lord: 1) what we have to offer is not valuable to God; 2) we are responsible for the result. Neither of these are true as Jesus demonstrates in this beloved recounting of the feeding of the 5000.
Our Gracious Sentinel John 6:15-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:37 2015-07-05 FaithHopeObedienceChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 062 (with reference to Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52)' It is often that we find ourselves in the middle of turmoil through daily living, or perhaps from stepping out in faith. Does that mean you are not doing what you should be doing, or quite the opposite? In this famous passage of Jesus walking on water the emphasis is not on the miracle but the message.
Falling in Love With the Holy Spirit John 16:7-14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:16 2015-07-12 God the Holy SpiritThe Trinity The Christiian life is supernatural in nature and cannot be lived without the Holy Spirit. Who is He, and what does He do? Where does He fit in the life of a believer in Jesus. Let the Word of God help demistify the Holy Spirit.
I Am the Bread of Life John 6:22-41 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:42:07 2015-07-26 Chronological Life of JesusContentmentSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus - 063 (with reference to Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52)'. If we are completely honest with ourselves, can we say that Jesus is enough? Are we Christians because of what He gives or because of who He is?
Does This Offend You? John 6:41-71 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:46 2015-08-02 DiscipleshipJesusGod the SonFaithAuthorityChronological Life of JesusSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus - 064 - Everything that we strive for on this earth can only ever be temporary. But Jesus offers the bread of life which He promises to satisfy us completely and eternally. But He says that He is the only source for this eternal satisfaction. That is an offense to many. Is it to you?
God's Word In His Time John 7:1-35 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:51 2015-11-01 Biblical AuthorityResting in the LordChronological Life of JesusJudging Chronological Life of Jesus - 77 Christianity is judged by its appearance and not with an understanding of the spiritual realm. Jesus continually faced the same thing during His ministry. In this first part of the chapter, He provides spiritual principles for those who face from the religious and the skeptic.
All Who Are Thirsty John 7:37-39 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:15 2015-11-08 God the Holy SpiritChronological Life of JesusSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus - 78- Do you have any safisfaction? If you were honest with yourself, are you safisfied? We have a thirst inherent from birth. But it is a spiritual thirst that we frequently try to satisfy that thirst with the physical or emotional. Jesus offers us the one thing that will forever quench this thirst.
Tenderness Toward Sinners John 8:12-53 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:33 2015-11-15 GraceSinForgivenessChronological Life of JesusMercy Chronological Life of Jesus -79. How can love be more greatly demonstrated than to see the gentleness of our God and Savior toward an obvious sinner? Jesus saw the woman caught in adultery as a person, and not the weapon that her accusers saw her as in their war against Him. He sees us in the same way, even when we allow ourselves to be used by the enemy in this spiritual warfare.
Light and Truth John 8:12-36 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:29 2015-11-22 SalvationHopeForgivenessChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 80 - Jesus is adamant about leading us out of darkness and the bondage of sin, He promises us that our paths are free and well lit when we live in His grace and His Wordl
Who Is Your Father? John 8:31-59 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:40 2015-11-29 DiscipleshipJesusGod the SonGod's WordChronological Life of JesusSpiritual Freedom/BondageReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 81 - At times we need to lose our religion in order to see our Christ. Jesus points out what bondage looks like in a person that defines their own relationship with God instead of surrendering to Him. What is important to us comes down to who our Father is.
Voluntary Blindness John 9:1-17 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:30:55 2016-12-06 HealingChronological Life of JesusReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 82. How often do we limit ourselves by what we think we know about God; and then using that as a basis for belief that has no foundation in Scripture? Unfortunately that will always result in bad religion, and worse, bad relationship.
Losing Religion to Find Jesus John 9:13-41 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:35 2015-12-13 Chronological Life of JesusLegalismJudgingMercyMiraclesReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 83 - Religion based on man's expectations always leads to missing out on a relationship with God. Jesus uses the healing of a blind man, not only for the man's salvation but also to make the distinction between the laws of man and the love of God.
The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:44 2015-12-27 LoveLeadershipChronological Life of JesusLegalismReligion Chronological Life of Jesus - 84. Religion will frequently reject you when you do not conform to their regulation. But Jesus always accepts those who follow after Him. We need to be very careful about whom we follow.
Confidence in the Good Shepherd John 10:22-44 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:41:52 2016-07-10 SalvationFaithChronological Life of JesusSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus 111 - Have you ever wondered if your salvation will 'stick'? In this passage Jesus encourages us to hold firm to the promise that He will hold firm to us.
Even Now John 11:1-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:34:52 2016-07-31 FaithChronological Life of JesusWorry / AnxietyResurrectionSufficiency in Christ Chronological Life of Jesus 112 - How often have we taken it upon ourselves to instruct God in what He should do instead of realizing what He has done? In moments of grief, confusion, loss, we have all said at one time or another, "Lord, if you had been here..." In the first part of the narrative of Lazarus is a moment of despair quickly followed by a realization of faith.
Jesus Wept John 11:23-57 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:26 2016-08-07 FaithChronological Life of JesusDeathMiracles Chronological Life of Jesus 113 - Unfortunately even the most fantastic of miracles will not lead all to acknowledge their need for Jesus. God has been saddened by the effects of sin and death since the Garden. As this beloved account of Lazarus' restoration shows, Jesus is and always be the dividing point of humanity.
Loving with Abandon John 12:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:45:35 2016-09-18 WorshipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus 118 (with reference to Matthew 26:1-13, Mark 14:1-9) - Our worship is a response to God in our lives, and should leave a sweet aroma in our lives. But we should not be surprised when we are criticized by others for loving God with our entire lives.
We Wish to See Jesus John 12:20-33 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:39:09 2017-01-15 Serving the LordJesus: Servant of GodChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus 132 - When some very interested men asked to see Jesus, He offered a self-portrait, which includes servanthood, even to the point of His own death. And it doesn't stop there: as His disciples, we too are called to serve, even to the point of being dead to ourselves.
God Willl Not Strive With Man Forever John 12:34-50 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:47:02 2017-01-22 SalvationEvangelismGod the FatherJesusGod the Son Chronological Life of Jesus - 133 (and Matthew 26:1-16). The offer of salvation is open to all, but it will not be open always. There is a day when God will confirm our choice, either for or against Him. In this passage Jesus pleads with us to walk in His light.
The Basin and the Towel John 13:1-17 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:31 2017-02-05 LoveChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseServing Others Chronological Life of Jesus - 135 - Even in the midst of contention for position among His followers, Jesus still loved them to the end. In one of the most tender moments of the Gospels Jesus corrects the attitudes of His errant followers with the gentle rebuke of servanthood. A needed reminder when our focus is on our own glory instead of God's
A New Commandment John 13:18-38 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:21 2017-02-12 LoveRestorationChronological Life of JesusUpper Room Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus - 136 - Jesus told us there was only one measure by which the world can judge His disciples - the love they have for one another. Furthermore, He provided the standard we are to strive for - as He loved us. A love of obedince and sacrifice.
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled John 13:26-14:17 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:09 2017-02-19 SalvationJesusGod the SonChronological Life of JesusWorry / AnxietyUpper Room Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus - 137 - Jesus loved them til the end. Even though He would be facing His own betrayal and death within hours, His concern was for the well-being of His disciples. He gave them and us the command to "not let your heart be troubled'. And He equips us to do that very thing,
Abiding - Part 1 John 14:18-31 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:08 2017-02-26 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritThe TrinityLovePeaceObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 138 - As Jesus prepares His disciples for His imminent departure, He provides assurance that they will not be abandoned. He then goes on the give them two amazing gifts - the Holy Spirit, and the peace of Christ.
Abiding - Part 2 John 15:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:45 2017-03-05 God the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritFaithObedienceChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding Chronological Life of Jesus - 139 - Jesus continues to love His disciples to the end as He assures them of a greater relationship with Him than what they currently enjoyed. He speaks of the importance of abiding -living in constant communion with Him that is important for disciples of all times and ages.
Jesus Our Friend John 15:9-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:55:40 2017-03-12 God the Holy SpiritLoveChronological Life of JesusUpper Room DiscourseAbiding 140 - Chronological Life of Jesus - As Jesus continues to comfort His disciples during His final hours - He turns to the issue of their relationship to Himself: the status of being a friend. But there are conditions to that friendship, as well as consequences that Jesus warns them about.
The Holy Spirit in the World and the Church John 15:18-16:15 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:59:12 2017-03-19 SinGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritChronological Life of JesusUpper Room Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus - 141. The world hates Christians because it hates Jesus more. Harsh message to hear, but it is what Jesus taught. Of course it would be proved out on a cross. But while the world is known for its hatred, Jesus instructed His disciples that they are to be known for their love. And He gave the church and the world the Holy Spirit to convict the world and guide the church.
Joy, Tribulation and Overcoming John 16:16-33 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:24 2017-03-26 JoyChronological Life of JesusTribulation Chronological Life of Jesus - 142 - Jesus never shied away from the reality of life. As He faced betrayal, beating, mockery and eventual crucifixion within hours He spoke of the offering of peace, the promise of tribulation and the opportunity to join Him in overcoming the world. Quite a promise in a life of struggle.
God Talking to God About Us John 17:1-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:20 2017-04-02 PrayerGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritChronological History of IsraelUnityGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 143 Within hours of His trial and death, Jesus prayed for others. Step into our Lord's prayer, often called the 'Holy of Holies' as He prays for God's glory and for strength for His disciples.
How To Be An Alien-101 John 17:11-26 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:03:14 2017-04-09 DiscipleshipGod the FatherJesusGod the SonGod the Holy SpiritLoveHolinessUnityJoyChronological Life of JesusGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 144. In His last hours Jesus prayed for His apostles and us, who would hear the word of His Father through their ministry. In this prayer Jesus emphasizes that we are to live in a way that clearly demonstrates that while we are in this world, we are of a very different place. By definition. we are to be aliens in thie world.
A Trial of Our Own Making John 18:12-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:31 2017-04-30 FaithTrialsCompromiseChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 146 (with reference to Matthew 26:57-75; Mark 14:53-72; Luke 22:54-71). While Jesus was being dragged into an illegal and unfair trial designed to condemn an innocent man, Peter was entering a trial of his own making. It wasn't that he failed so much as what he did to set himself up for failure. Sometimes what we think we are doing for God we are doing for ourselves.
The Truth On Trial John 18:28-40 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:07 2017-05-07 GospelMan's Sinful ConditionTrialsChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 147 (with reference to Matthew 27:1-26; Mark 15:1-15; Luke 23:1-25). As the religious leaders and government of Jesus' day push their agenda, God has something else in mind. Whenever man puts the truth on trial it is not the truth but the man that is being judged.
The Effect of Our Decisions John 19:1-16 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:16 2017-05-14 Man's Sinful ConditionChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 148 Decisions have consequences, and some of them are life-changing. Decisions made out of fear or a lack of fortitude will almost always lead to bad consequences.
The Way of the Cross John 19:17-27 Ed Radiger 00:42:54 2017-05-21 GospelGraceSinMan's Sinful ConditionChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 148. Jesus was crucified for our sins, and He loved us to the very end. Even with the brutality of the cross, Jesus' true nature of love and concern was evident. Join us as Jesus walks the way of the cross, and consider some of the things we think we know about it.
It Is Finished John 19:28-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:35:18 2017-05-28 SalvationEasterLoveChronological Life of JesusGlory Chronological Life of Jesus - 149 (with Matthew 27:45-51). As Jesus was dying on the cross, He took on the sins of the world and suffered the wrath of God against that sin so we would not have to. In doing so, He declared "it is finished" and opened our access to God compeletely. Find out what is finished and what it means for all who follow Him.
He Was Buried John 19:31-42 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:17 2017-06-11 SalvationEasterJesusGod the SonProphecyJesus: Servant of GodChronological Life of JesusBaptism Chronological Life of Jesus - 150 - (with reference to Matthew 27:51-66; Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56). Three simple words that we seem to overlook in our understanding of our salvation. But the account of how Jesus was buried is rich with the hand of God and a call to faith.
Worshipping the Living Jesus John 20:1-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:31 2017-06-18 GospelSalvationWorshipChronological Life of JesusResurrection Chronological Life of Jesus - 151 - (with reference to Matthew 28:1-15; Mark 16:1-11; Luke 24:1-12) What do you seek? Whom do you seek? These are the questions Jesus asked Mary Magdalene after He was raised from the dead. They are valid questions today. If it is not the risen Jesus you will never be satisfied
Faith in the Risen Christ John 20:19-32 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:55:39 2017-07-02 SalvationEvangelismGod the Holy SpiritFaithSabbathResting in the LordChronological Life of JesusResurrection Chronological Life of Jesus - 153 (with reference to Mark 16:14-18; Luke 24:36-48). The result of Jesus' work on the cross is salvation for all who receive it. For the first time in thier lives, after being with Jesus for 3 years, are finally at peace with God. It is no surprise that peace is the first message that Jesus brings them from the empty tomb.
The Self-Willed Life John 21:1-14 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:34:33 2017-07-09 ObedienceSubmissionLeadershipChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 154 It is so easy to resort to what we know in the midst of discomfort or anxiety. It is also easy to wander aimlessly when we do not like the direction God has given us. We see here in this live-action parable as Jesus speaks to His disciples about living a life apart from Him.
Restored, Recommissioned, Refocused John 21:15-25 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:51 2017-07-16 GraceRestorationChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 155. "Do you love me more than these?" That question resonates across the centuries. The greatest thing we can do for our family, our church, our world is to love Jesus above all else. It is only then that we can answer the call and commission that He has for us. It keeps us focused on Him and not the persons or problems around us.
Only One Door John 10:9 Pastor Alfred Morlote 01:09:20 2018-10-07 Guest Speakers

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